Part 8: Myllyvainio cottage. Trolling and spinning on Lake Pyhäjärvi. Smoking zander.

Myllyvainion Kuhat Cottages / Heikki Honkanen Fishing Trips


Mustiontie 43, FI-37500 Lempäälä
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A round-log cottage for 6 people fit for winter habitation on the shore of Lake Hulausjärvi, 25 km from Tampere. A connection by water to the Lake Pyhäjärvi water route. Sauna, outdoor kitchen/summerhouse, Lappish kota teepee, fishing lodge, tennis court, car shelter. Cottage rent includes the use of a rowing-boat, hooks and lines and ice-fishing rods, a skating rink, ski tracks and a traditional rotating ‘whip sledge’. Fishing and hiking guide services in summer/winter. Fishing safaris on Lake Pyhäjärvi, rapids fishing on the Kuokkalankoski Rapids. Fishing tackle, fishing licences, motor boats, snowmobile tours, hiking, boating, mushrooming and berry-picking trips. Full-service packages by agreement, including transportation. Languages: English, Swedish and German.


Tampere Region Nature and
Fishing Trips


Murtomäentie 8 A 20, FI-33470 Ylöjärvi
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We organise nature and fishing trips with meals out in the wilderness. Trolling trips on around the City of Tampere. Rapids fishing on the Tammerkoski and Kuokkalankoski Rapids. Languages: English.